Food Bank
Emergency food assistance may be provided for those with unexpected financial needs.
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Clothing & Home Goods
Clothing and home items are available to families receiving food or other assistance.
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Urgent Transportation
Available for trips to a medical appointment or to the food bank when no other transportation is available. Call (253) 858-6179.
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Financial Aid
Available for utility bills, rent, prescriptions and other emergency needs. Call (253) 851-8800. A volunteer will return your call.
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Student Aid Program
Assistance for students including books and supplies, GED exam fee, CNA license and food bank.
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Other Services
Support for students in Peninsula School District. Information, referrals and enrollment assistance for social services and support.
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Eligibility requirements:
Assistance for residents living in the following zip codes. Please see below for additional eligibility requirements.
  • 98322 (Burley)
  • 98329 (KPN)
  • 98332 (Purdy)
  • 98333 (Fox Island)
  • 98335 (Gig Harbor)
  • 98349 (Lakebay)
  • 98351 (Longbranch)
  • 98359 (South part of Kitsap County only)
  • 98367 (Horseshoe Lake)
  • 98394 (Vaughn)
  • 98395 (Wauna)
In order to make the best use of our resources we ask that all applicants meet the following criteria:
  • Currently in an emergency situation
  • Have photo ID for each family member
  • Have proof of residence in Gig Harbor or the Key Peninsula such as a current bill showing your name and address
In addition, applicants to our student aid program must meet the following qualifications:
  • Have a need based on income level
  • Current enrollment in a GED, vocational or higher ed program
  • Provide proof of good academic standing such as copies of a current transcript or report card.
Food Bank
GHP FISH offers self-shopping, which enables food bank clients to select the foods their family enjoys. Both perishable and non-perishable foods are provided, as well as other grocery items when available. The amount and selection varies depending on donations and supplemental purchases.
Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to closing to shop for yourself. After that time, there is no self-shopping; pre-packed bags of foods will be provided.
POLICY: We provide a week’s worth of food, up to four times during an emergency situation. If further food assistance is needed, an extension may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please bring documentation (i.e, bill for car repairs or other unexpected expense) that shows how funds set aside for food were used.
Elderly and disabled clients may be eligible to receive monthly food assistance.
Clothing and Home Goods
Gently used clothing for the whole family, home goods, toys and books are available to clients on a first come, first serve basis. Supplies vary.
Urgent Transportation
GHP FISH volunteer drivers provide transportation assistance to those needing a ride to the doctor, medical treatments or the food bank when no other transportation is available. Call 253-858-6179 to request a ride. Drivers are not always available. Please call 2 days ahead.
Financial Aid
Financial assistance helps families and individuals during difficult times of transition or financial emergency. Financial aid is approved on a case-by-case basis.
GHP FISH may provide limited help with: rent, utilities, prescriptions, education expenses, and other emergency needs.
Not covered: phone bills, deposits, company member fees, credit card payments, car payments.
To request help, call the financial aid line at 253-851-8800. Leave your name, phone number, and a brief message on how we may help.
A GHP FISH volunteer will return your call to set up an appointment and provide additional information. (If you have “call blocking” on your line, please remove to receive our call by pressing *87..)
Student Aid Program
Students enrolled in secondary education programs may qualify to receive financial assistance with: books, equipment, certification exams, registration fees, and transportation needs.
Call the financial aid phone 253-851-8800 to make an appointment with the financial aid volunteer to enroll or discuss options.
Heartwood Haven Pet Food Bank
Pets are members of our family. Thanks to our friends at Heartwood Haven, GHP FISH neighbors in need are provided food and other pet products for their companions.
Heartwood Haven is an animal sanctuary. They set up a canopy outside the food bank and provide food and other pet items to folks who need assistance with pet food and pet products. Neighbors helping neighbors’ pets.
First Wed of the month*
4PM - 6PM
*Most months
GHP FISH Food Bank
4425 Burnham Drive
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
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Other Services
GHP FISH works with Peninsula School District counselors to provide assistance for school children. Contact your child’s school counsellor for information on services and support offered.
GHP FISH also coordinates assistance with other local agencies, providing referrals for social services and enrollment assistance for resources such as Medicare, food stamps, housing, and Northwest Furniture Bank.
What to expect when you visit GHP FISH
After entering the facility at 4425 Burnham drive, proceed to the right where you will see a window and a place to sign in. Once you sign in you may have a seat or look around at the items we have in the lobby. A volunteer will call for you when it’s your turn.
When called, you will sit with the volunteer at the desk and she/he will interview you taking down any important information before assessing your needs. After you are registered, another volunteer will assist you as you shop for groceries for you and your family. At the end of gathering your groceries, you will have the opportunity to look through our clothing, small home goods, toys and book departments for other items to take with you.
If additional assistance is required, a volunteer will work directly with you to make sure your needs are met.